Namco Bandai Games

Pac-Man Friends Review
Pac-Man Friends is a physics based games that brings a refreshing spin to the tried and true franchise. Power pellets and gobbling up ghosts never gets old, but it's refreshing to see Pac-Man explore an entirely new dimension.
Ridge Racer Slipstream Review
It seems like the App Store is the place to be if you want to play arcade-style racing games. One of the newest titles that has debuted on the App Store that can satisfying one's need for handheld speed is Ridge Racer Slipstream, from Namco Bandai Games. At $2.99, it might seem a little on the steep side, but maybe this ride will prove worthy of its asking price.
Bravoman: Binja Bash Review
Bravoman: Binja Bash is an side scrolling adventure game filled with an ample amount of snarky, self deprecating humor, as our titular character is a geek who is transformed into a superhero thanks to an alien named Alpha Man. Bravoman's main villain is Dr. Bomb, a power hungry evil doer ready to unleash his robot corps and ninjas onto unsuspecting planets. The game's comic book strip style aesthe
Young Justice
Namco Bandai's Young Justice: Legacy is due out later this year, and the latest screenshots give us a glimpse at what we're in store for when it arrives.

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