Before the final tournament at Evo 2014, Tekken frontman Katsuhiro Harada took to the stage and revealed his latest game, Tekken 7, with a brief teaser trailer.

The trailer shows a woman kneeling in reverence in front of a giant idol, talking about how Heihachi "must have realized by now he was born with [her] power." It then flashes many of the iconic moments in Tekken history, like Heihachi dropping Kazuya into the volcano in Tekken 2 before the words "THE FINAL BATTLE" and the logo appear on-screen. Unreal Engine 4 will be used to bring the Tekken face-bashing to the new generation of consoles.

Because of the leak earlier in the day, we knew to keep an eye out for this reveal as Evo 2014 went on, but there was one thing in that trailer we hadn't expected: "THE FINAL BATTLE." It sounds like Harada is finally ending the main Tekken storyline that has followed the game since the original PlayStation days. How do you end such a storied conflict with so many characters involved? We guess we'll find out when Tekken 7 launches, though no dates or platforms have been announced yet.

We bet Kuma wins the final tournament and becomes king of the entire world. Yeah, that sounds right.

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