Square Enix has confirmed it's oblivious to the millions of fans asking for a Final Fantasy VII remake with a survey asking what they should do next.

According to IGN, Square Enix has launched a survey asking for all sorts of info from its fans. The survey starts with your usual batch of expected questions: age, gender, country, social media networks you use and video game consoles that you own. Square Enix's survey then asks if you watch any eSports and what major video game websites do you visit (minus points to Square Enix for a lack of Arcade Sushi on the list). The survey asks what major games are you playing, listening a few dozen gaming apps and popular games from across multiple publishers.

The survey starts getting good when it asks what Square Enix games do you still play. Strangely enough, the only non-modern Final Fantasy game on the list is FFVII, and Chrono Trigger is included as well among the likes of Bravely Default, Tomb Raider and Sleeping Dogs. The second to last question measures the survey-taker's familiarity with Drakengard, Deus Ex, Chrono Trigger, Legacy of Kain, Secret of Mana, Star Ocean, Dragon Quest and more. The final question asks which is your favorite Square Enix game series out of the following: Chrono Trigger, Deus Ex, Dragon Quest, Drakengard, Final Fantasy, Hitman, Just Cause, Kingdom Hearts, Legacy of Kain, Secret of Mana, Sleeping Dogs, Star Ocean, Thief and Tomb Raider. Does this mean that Square Enix is tossing around the idea of a new entry of the Chrono Trigger series?

The 24-question survey offers fans to enter their email at the end of the questionnaire for a chance to win a $100 Square Enix gift card. Don't forget, Harmonix sent out a survey to measure interest in the Rock Band franchise just a few months ago, with Rock Band 4 being announced this past weekend.

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