Final Fantasy VII

Five Best Final Fantasy Mini-Games
From cards and arcades to races and theatre performances, these mini-games did more than distract. They downright seemed as though they should have games of their own. These are the top 5 mini-games in Final Fantasy games.
The Many Swords of Play Arts Kai FFVII:AC Cloud Figure
Play Arts Kai, the toy making division of Square Enix, makes amazingly detailed action figures based on video game, comic, anime and movie characters. They also provide those figures with excellent accessories, but with the 'Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children' Cloud Strife figure, they…
Cast That Game - Final Fantasy VII
Ever wonder what your favorite game would be like as a movie? Well, wonder no more. Arcade Sushi's Cast That Game series takes a pain-staking look at your favorite games and, using our crack skills as connoisseurs of pop culture, we figure out who to cast in this video game-turned-movie. This w…