It looks like we won't be finding out about the fate of Delta Squad for a very long time.

Black Tusk Studios' next entry of the Gears of War series is still in its early concept art and prototype stages based on the claims of studio manager Rod Fergusson, IGN reports. Phil Spencer, leading Microsoft's Xbox division, told us this past February that we shouldn't be expecting a new Gears title anytime soon and that Microsoft Studios has given Black Tusk as much time as it needs to get the game right. Apparently, Black Tusk is doing just that.

Without the visionary designs of Cliff Bleszinski involved with this entry of Gears of War, things may even take longer than expected. On a recent Black Tusk podcast, Rod Fergusson teased that his studio is only on its 100th day of early development and is only in the prototype stages of pre-production. He also provided a blurry, first-look at some early concept for the anticipated title, shown below.

Black Tusk Studios