The Coalition has unveiled the fully remade intro of Gears of War: Ultimate Edition for the Xbox One.

We're certainly digging the HD, remastered visuals of Gears of War: Ultimate Edition's intro. Taking the dark and overwhelming story of war from the original game's introductory cutscene, the Ultimate Edition makes things even bleaker, but with prettier graphics. Surprisingly, the Ultimate Edition's intro does things a little differently, depicting the same events as the original cutscene but from different angles with revamped assets. This new intro should be familiar to anyone who remembers the Xbox 360 version: Planet Sera was originally pretty nice for humans, until Emergence Day when the Locust forces started obliterating humanity. Now, there's only small clusters of humans left. As the overwhelming odds keep growing, it's up to Marcus Fenix and Delta Squad to throw their Hail Mary of a war tactic against the Locust.

The Coalition revealed there will be two versions of Gears of War: Ultimate Edition. That's right — the Ultimate Edition of Gears of War has multiple editions: a Standard Edition and a Deluxe Edition (this is why they should've called the remake Gears of War: Happy Emergence Day or some other kind of name). Priced at $39.99, the Standard Edition of Gears of War: Ultimate Edition (ugh, that nomenclature) will include the full game. Pre-ordering the Standard Edition gets you the Adam Fenix and Civilian Anya multiplayer skins as well as the animated Imulsion weapon skin. The Deluxe Edition of Gears of War: Ultimate Edition features 10 different animated weapon skins, 36 standard weapon skins, the Civilian Marcus Fenix skin and the Aaron Griffin skin, all for the game's multiplayer gameplay. Pre-ordering the Deluxe Edition will also get you the Adam Fenix and Anya skins.

For the sake of comparison, here is the original game's intro:

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition will launch on Aug. 25 for Xbox One.

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