The head of Microsoft Studios has let a few fans on Twitter know that they are letting Black Tusk Studios take their time in order to get the next installment of the Gears of War franchise just right.

In a recent conversation on Twitter, Phil Spencer, the head of Microsoft Studios, answered a few fans in response to the next Gears of War title. Spencer said Black Tusk Studios' first Gears of War title must innovatively reignite the franchise's popularity instead of trying to ride off of its previous, successful titles. Coinciding with this notion, Mr. Spencer has also said that they are giving the studio enough time to make the title as good as it can possibly be.

Black Tusk Studios was appointed to take the reins of the Gears of War franchise after Microsoft Studios bought the rights to the series last month. With the departure of both studio president Mike Caps and Gear's lead design director Cliff Bleszinski from Epic Games, Microsoft Studios bought out the rights to the franchise at the right time.

Regardless of who is designing the next title in the series, reactions to Gears of War: Judgment has shown to most that you cannot rush out a Gears title without Bleszinski at the helm. As much as we want to see the return of Delta Squad, Phil Spencer is right in his decision to let Black Tusk Studios take their time.