The creator of Gears of War and former Epic Games lead developer Cliff Bleszinski is getting ready for his studio's big unveiling of Project Bluestreak.

There's still a lot of mystery surrounding Cliff Bleszinski and Boss Key Productions' Project Bluestreak. Since leaving Epic Games in 2012 and opening Boss Key Productions two years later, Cliff Bleszinski and his team have been working on a free-to-play sci-fi arena shooter for PC, which goes by the name of Project Bluestreak. Bleszinski is known for putting in over 20 years of development and coding at Epic Games. Most fans recognize him for his scene-changing contributions to the Unreal Engine's various incarnations over the years as well as being the creator and the lead developer for the Gears of War trilogy.

Now, Bleszinski is gearing up (pun intended) on finally revealing the details of Project Bluestreak. Bleszinski recently Tweeted a link to a website with the address of (he confirmed that "The Shattering" is not the title of Project Bluestreak), suggesting that his company will be formally unveiling the game this week.

Boss Key posted their first teaser video of Project Bluestreak, and it features an apocalyptic landscape that looks like Marcus and the rest of Delta Squad were just fighting some Locust soldiers in it.

Stay tuned as we'll let you know more about Project Bluestreak once more information is available.

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