It's been nine years after the original 'Mad World' trailer heralded Gears of War's Xbox 360 debut. Now, The Coalition revamped it for the game's Ultimate Edition.

I still remember the solemn and melancholic feelings that arose from the original Gears of War's 'Mad World' trailer. We got to see how futile the human race's fight against the overwhelming Locust forces felt after being stomped out on a regular basis since Emergence Day. Now, The Coalition remade the trailer using scenes and footage from their Xbox One remake of the original Gears. Unfortunately, some of the magic of the seeing the Brumak and Locust forces for the first time is gone, but this trailer looks remarkable, given the remake's breathtaking visuals.

While we don't have that iconic scene from the original trailer of Marcus Fenix looking at the statue's broken visage, we get a cliche image of the hero starring at his own reflection. Nevertheless, when you see the COG helmet (possibly Carmine's) being stomped by the approaching Locust, you see that its faceguard is broken at the same spot where the statue was, which is an excellent nod towards the original trailer.

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition will launch on Aug. 25 for Xbox One. Buying this Xbox One remake of Gears of War will also unlock Gears 1-3 and Judgment via backwards compatibility. The game will give you early access to Gears of War 4's multiplayer beta as well.

Here's a video of the original version of the 'Mad World' trailer for the sake of comparison:

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