After years of waiting, The Coalition has finally unveiled Gears of War 4, and surprisingly, no members of Delta Squad were in sight.

Rod Fergusson and his team at The Coalition confirmed what we were all knowing due to a variety of leaks — the original Gears of War is being remade for the Xbox One. Gears of War: Ultimate Edition will bring Marcus Fenix and the COGs' original adventure to the Xbox One with a current-gen overhaul.

The Coalition has finally come out to reveal footage of the next Gears of War title. This new Gears of War footage showcases what appears to be a new pair COGs, patrolling the ruins of a rural community. Surprisingly, Marcus and Delta Squad are nowhere to be found. These characters look a bit thinner and more realistic compared to the wrestler-sized builds of the Delta Squad. The duo are tracking some fast, unseen monster on a rooftop until they encounter some strange occurrences in the environment. Upon seeking shelter, they find some kind of organic tentacles infesting the building. The tendrils led to some kind of fleshy blobs laying on the ground. Upon touching the meaty pod, some weird kind of blood erupted from it. The two leave to see that this fleshy substance is spread throughout the town as the monster they're hunting is located. Unfortunately, it brought some friends. The beast appears to be a mix of a Krogan and wolf, which is as scary as it sounds.

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition will launch on Aug. 25 for Xbox One. Meanwhile, Gears of War 4 broke our hearts by announcing a launch window of Holiday 2016.

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