A soldier, an adventurer, a Keyblade master, a survivor and a wanderer are going to reign supreme at E3 2015.

With E3 2015 on the horizon, it's easy to get lost trying to figure out what games are going to be revealed during the big show. Since the expo rallies together almost every major video game company on the planet and encourages them to showcase their best stuff, we know a lot of things can be overshadowed, eclipsed or even missed during the event. There might be another No Man's Sky to take us by surprise again, but we've got a list of the things we want to see the most going into the event. We should note that there are plenty of other games we could have included on this collection, but we feel these things are going to create the biggest waves in the industry.

Respawn Entertainment has already confirmed that it has no games to showoff during this year's event, so you can scratch Titanfall 2 off your list. Since Naughty Dog just released The Last of Us Remastered and its directors are working on Uncharted 4, it's safe to say we shouldn't be expecting anything in terms of a Cordyceps sequel yet. With major publishers, such as Square Enix and Bethesda, having their own presentations alongside the Big Three (Nintendo, PlayStation and Xbox), we know we're in for a plethora of awesome announcements this month.

Sure, there are bound to be some surprise reveals that are going to blow everybody away, but these are our most logical choices for what will make the biggest impact on the industry this year. You can keep your fingers crossed for Half-Life 3, Final Fantasy VII's remake and The Last Guardian all you want, but here are the 10 Things We Can't Wait to See at E3 2015.

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