Naughty Dog has released its extended gameplay demo of Uncharted 4, which features double the amount of footage we saw during E3 2015.

We were amazed by Naughty Dog's E3 2015 gameplay trailer of Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, but this new demo takes things to a whole other level. The gameplay footage is still the same for the first seven minutes or so. Nathan Drake and Victor Sullivan are in a calm, populated part of the fictional, hilltop down of Madagascan City, when they spot a militia chasing after Nate's older brother, Sam. It was crazy to see Nate and Sully get into a shootout as the first couple bullets caused the civilians to flee in terror. We then got to see the same sequence where Nate and Sully chase after Sam's pursuers while riding on a 4x4.

This time, we get to see what happens after the E3 trailer ended. Nathan gets dragged through the mud (with some impressive graphics), and shoots a few bad guys chasing him on motorcycles as he climbed into the back of the truck. Even more bad guys arrive as the truck gets overwhelmed, leading to a few amazing jumps so Nate could take another car. The whole sequence ends with Sam rescuing Nate and the Drake brothers getting chased by the same armored vehicle from the E3 trailer that ultimately crashes. Nate, Sam and Sully regroup, only to find Nate's wife, Elena Fisher, who was thought to have retired from adventuring.

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End will launch sometime in 2016 for PS4.

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