The Japanese version of Persona 4: Dancing All Night features a special trailer for Persona 5.

After a recording of Persona 4: Dancing All Night's exclusive Persona 5 trailer hit YouTube, Atlus has been cracking down on its unauthorized postings. Luckily, nothing ever really disappears on the Internet. Polygon also has a functional copy of the video in case the one above gets removed. During the trailer, we get a special look at our new protagonist, who befriends two students and a shape-shifting cat. Best of all, everybody has the ability to call on Personas.

The new posse moonlights as Persona-powered cat burglars. The protagonist's special Persona is Arsene Lupin, based off of the legendary, fictional thief (Lupin III fans rejoice), and is exclusive to him alone. Based on the trailer, it looks like he has trouble controlling it, which is going to cause problems when it comes to remaining inconspicuous as a thief. This new trailer features some new cutscenes and gameplay footage, which we can't wait to see more of.

Persona 5 will make its Western debut on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 sometime by the end of the year. Persona 4: Dancing All Night will have its Western launch in Fall 2015. We've also included Atlus' E3 2015 trailers for both of them (provided below). The Persona 5 E3 trailer is a partially translated version of the game's original Japanese announcement video. As you can tell, Persona 5 looks to be more stealth- and action-oriented in terms of gameplay, which is a nice change from the standard, monster-collecting JRPG formula that the series adhered to over the years. Nevertheless, it's always great to see more Persona in action.

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