The hugely anticipated Hotline Miami Jacket Figure got over twice the backing amount it needed on its Kickstarter campaign. So, what's next for the Jacket Figure and what can you expect to see when it's finished?

ESC Toy just posted Update #11 on its Kickstarter page to tell us just that. ESC Toy just added some new paint samples for its three new masks: Carl, Rasmus, and Don Juan. The new heads are being officially prepped for production and keep in line with the art painting style of the previous masks: Tony, Aubrey, and Richard. If you're wondering why one person has so many different heads styles, let's take a moment to rehash.

This figure that ESC Toy is developing is being made in collaboration with Dennation Games and Devolver Digital for Hotline Miami. Jacket is the protagonist of the game and the character you'll be playing throughout most of it. The different masks pertain to the assassinations that Jacket commits throughout the game -- new assassination equals new personality and a new mask. The figure will be one sixth size standing at 12" tall and will possess fifteen points of articulation. He not only has removable masks, but also removable clothes (including his shoes), and weapons. Overall, there are four original masks, two sets of clothing and three weapons.

Also in the update were three awesome sets of pins featuring three of the original four masks (Tony, Aubrey and Richard), that are set for production. The first set is a regular edition and doesn't seem to have a limit of pieces whereas the second and third sets are limited edition and are limited to 100 pieces. It also mentioned that the pin set that would include pins of the masks that were in the update (Carl, Rasmus and Don Juan), are up at ESC Toy's website for pre-order. The update made sure to note that these pins would look super rad on the backers' lanyards.

Finally, you can also snatch up a super limited edition of the Hotline Miami Biker from ESC Toy's shop. There are only 25 of these 11x17 bad boys printed and all contain a signature and hologram serial number. So, if you want one, you'd better act fast.

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number will be arriving in Steam soon, so keep your eyes peeled for this exciting sequel and keep checking back on the Kickstarter's website to see how the figure is coming along.

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