Two gritty, indie action games collide now that Payday 2 is getting Hotline Miami-themed DLC, which means everyone gets a mask.

Overkill and Dennaton Games have announced a partnership to bring about the murderous and chaotic themes of Hotline Miami over to Payday 2. Overkill's crew admits being huge fans of Hotline Miami, and that they would love to bring over its mafia-slaying escapades and infamous mask collection to Payday. Overkill has confirmed a new heist will be included and that more information will be announced before the DLC launches.

Payday 2's Hotline Miami DLC launches on Sept. 30 on Steam. Stay tuned and we'll provide up-to-date coverage on this crossover once more information is available. We really hope that this DLC becomes available for the console versions of Payday. It would make sense, since both games have excellent console followings.
payday 2 / hotline miami
Overkill / Dennaton Games

No need to worry about hiding bodies when you're on Hotline Miami or Payday's rampages.

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