Divinity: Original Sin has less than a week left to go in its successful Kickstarter campaign. With just five days left, Larian Studios has posted up a video that chronicles the company's updates during the past few weeks.

The campaign is currently sitting at the $563,086 mark, as of this writing, having passed its original goal of $400,000. They have added stretch goals up to $1,000,000, which would let the game's non-player character schedules, day/night cycles, and weather systems have an impact on NPCs and monsters. The weather would also change the way that different schools of magic worked.

The video features the "greatest hits" of Larian's updates and gives us a look at some of the campaign's more comical moments. Watch it below and pledge some of your money if you like what Larian is doing. Keep in mind that they've updated the reward tiers, so check the official Divinity: Original Sin site for the new goodies.

And visit the Kickstarter to see if the game is worthy of your time and money. Then let us know your verdict.