Developed by Larian Studios, Divinity: Original Sin is the latest Kickstarter project to take the spotlight. Based on the universe of Divinity roleplaying games, the project is meant to be an amazingly deep RPG experience set in an epic fantasy world full of magic, dragons, and brave heroes. And now they're offering backers a chance to get talking undies.

In the latest update to the Kickstarter project, Larian Studios lets everyone know that they've extended the offer on the legendary talking undies so that they're now available to all backers.

The undies in question are called Zandalor's Trunks, nether garments that were enchanted by Zandalor the wizard in his youth. A description about the Trunks in the post says, "Late one night the entire academy was roused by such a scream, many thought a rift to the seven hells had been opened. In fact it was but the unfortunate headmaster who had put on his demon-infested briefs after a reinvigorating bath." If this isn't epic-quality loot, then we don't know what is.

The Kickstarter project currently stands at $283,618 out of the $400,00 goal as of this writing. With 23 days left in the campaign and with tempting offers such as talking underwear, we're willing to bet that Divinity: Original Sin will become another Kickstarter success story.