It has been a little bit since Dungeon Hearts was first announced about a year ago, but developer Cube Roots has been working on the game since then and it's now been targeted with an official release date -- March 28th.

Published by Devolver Digital, the distribution behind the PC hit Hotline Miami (hitting the Vita this spring and hopefully headed to iOS soon), the title will mix elements from RPG games and puzzle games in a "match-three RPG" style of gameplay.

In Dungeon Hearts, you control a party of four characters, each on a quest that leads to a show down with a big 'ol RPG villain named The Dark One. To attack, you have to match different-colored runes as they move across the screen in a "Fatestream." When you match these up effectively, your party will attack enemies.

Dungeon Hearts will be available for iPad starting on March 28th and will likely set you back about three bucks.