Puzzle Games

Apple puzzle games are a genre of games that focus on puzzle solving. Pattern recognition, logic, strategy, sequence solving, and word completion are examples of sub-genres of puzzle games.

E3 2017: Donut County Preview
Nine-hundred and ninety-nine feet below the surface of Donut County, there is a group of people gathered around a camp fire. Everyone there knows exactly how they each came to be in this strange new place, but none of them can agree on the reason. Could it be snakes? Perhaps it was the devious racco…
PAX East 2017: My Memory of Us Preview
If you stumbled upon My Memory of Us at IMGN.PRO’s booth on the PAX East show floor, you’d think it was rather innocuous. Look a little deeper, however, and you’ll see the real story of children coping with a historical horror with only friendship and their imaginations to guide…
PAX South 2017: Indie Game Round-Up
The PAX Rising (up-and-coming indie games) and PAX Australia (indie games from down under) booths were conveniently situated right next to each other, so every time I passed through, I was able to get some hands-on time with more weird, colorful, strange games. Here are a few of my favorites.
PAX South 2017: Mr Shifty Preview
We met with tinyBuild at PAX South to learn more and experience the fast-paced action of the upcoming Mr. Shifty from Team Shifty and we came away with an adrenaline rush like few others on the floor.

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