When you see this Ryu figure and the background set he comes with, you're going to feel all sorts of nostalgia for Street Fighter II.

Shoryuken reports that pre-orders started at ToyGarden for Bigboystoys' debut Street Fighter figure, Ryu. T.N.C.-01 Ryu is rendered in an adorable chibi style as Akuma's could-be son is seen doing his iconic move, the Hadouken. You know what's even better? Ryu comes with LED lighting inside the fireball that activates when you push a button on his display stand. When you push the button, one of gaming's most iconic sound bites can be heard. That's right -- it plays Ryu's fireball yell from Street Fighter II. This figure also comes with a diorama background that sets into Ryu's base, which provides his unforgettable Japanese dojo setting behind him, with health bars and a timer included.

You can pre-order T.N.C.-01 Ryu now at ToyGarden for roughly $78. While Ryu's figure is launching in just a few weeks, T.N.C.-02 is already being teased by Bigboystoys. Let's just say, Ryu knows this guy quite well...


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