Bigboystoys is gearing up to release this chibi but badass version of Ken from Street Fighter II.

Earlier this year, we told you guys about Bigboystoys' Ryu figure. This figure was done chibi-style and featured its own display stand that featured Ryu's unforgettable Japanese stage. Now, Bigboystoys is taking pre-orders for Ryu's counterpart, Ken. This Ken figure stands at around 6.7 inches tall and features Ken's classic stage. We all remember fighting on those docks while onlookers cheered the fight. While I mentioned Street Fighter II earlier, I should correct myself, as these are the stages from Super Street Fighter II. Not to mention that Ken didn't have the flaming Shoryuken in the original version of Street Fighter II — it looks like the guys at Bigboystoys did their homework to make the backgrounds match. This Ken figure is made of an ABS and PVC material. The figure can also light up via an LED light in its fist and can play the soundbite of Ken's Shoryuken.

You can pre-order Bigboystoys' T.N.C.-02 Ken figure at Play-Asia. The figure costs $89.99 and is expected to launch sometime this October. There are only going to be a limited number of these figures released, and Bigboystoys is planning to launch eight classic Street Fighter figures total, so keep your eyes peeled for the other six figures as there are bound to be more awesome dioramas to be made. I really hope they do a set of figures for Guile and M. Bison.


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