All you Vega and Oro fans out there are going to be pleased with Pop Culture's upcoming addition to its Street Fighter line of statues. Wait, there are Oro fans out there?

Pop Culture has recently teased that it's doing statues based on Street Fighter's Vega and Oro. For those who don't recognize him, Oro was the zombie-like, one-armed fighter who was wearing rags in Street Fighter III. To put things into perspective, Pop Culture's E. Honda statue is in a 1/4 scale (15" tall) and weighs 20 lbs (that's as light as E. Honda ever weighed!). His statue costs $315 total (with a 10 percent discount if you pre-order it now with a full payment), and is expected to ship on Sept. 21, 2015. With only 500 of E. Honda's statues being made, we have a feeling Vega and Oro will have similar qualities when they inevitably become available for pre-order.

Pop Culture has previous done an Akuma bust and statues for Balrog, Ryu, Gouken and E. Honda. There were also rare variant editions of these busts and statues released as well. The team at Pop Culture also makes statues and busts for Mortal Kombat, Masters of the Universe, and many other popular franchises.

Stay tuned as we'll provide updates on these statues once Pop Culture releases more information about their releases and pre-orders.

How about statue of Ryu and Ken doing a fist-bump before they fight, Pop Culture? Or at least Cammy.

Pop Culture
Pop Culture