One of the greatest scream queens of all time, Jamie Lee Curtis, attended the Evo 2015 fighting game championships incognito as Vega from the Street Fighter series.

As the fighting game community was watching the world championship tournaments of Ultra Street Fighter IV, Persona 4 Arena UltimaxSuper Smash Bros. Wii UTekken 7Killer InstinctMortal Kombat XGuilty Gear Xrd SIGN and Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 this weekend at Evo 2015, one of my favorite actresses, Jamie Lee Curtis, was in attendance at the event (courtesy of Game Informer), but no one knew it was her. Why? Because she was dressed as the claw-wielding, Spanish ninja, Vega. For those unfamiliar with the pro gaming scene scene, the annual Evolution Championship Series has returned to Las Vegas, Nevada for the weekend of July 17-19, and it rallies together fighting game enthusiasts, the world's best players and hardcore fans while featuring high-end tournaments featuring the likes of Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat and more.

Curtis, known for her roles in Halloween, The Fog, Prom Night, A Fish Called Wanda and True Lies, brought her son, Thomas, to Evo 2015 as a graduation present, which makes her one of the most awesome mothers of Hollywood in our book. Her family dressed up as Dee Jay, Makoto, Dr. Bosconovich and Vega to stay out of the spotlight so they could try to attend the event as fans. Nevertheless, it's great to see the Perfect Laurie Strode going to great lengths for her family and having a good time.

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