The Dark Hadou is taking over Kinetiquettes'  line of Street Fighter products with its newest statue, Oni Akuma.

Oni Akuma is the demon version of Akuma from the Street Fighter series and now Kinetiquettes is coming out with a statue of him doing his famous Ultra Move: Tenchi Sokaigen. This statue can connect to Kinetiquettes' Evil Ryu statue if you have already bought or were thinking of buying that one. When connected, the scene will depict Evil Ryu and Oni Akuma in a vicious battle using both of their Ultra Moves for maximum damage. It is the ultimate battle against father and son (according to fan speculation) in terms of who mastered the Satsui no Hado.

This Oni Akuma piece will be a 1/6th scale statue, standing at 12.5" tall and it comes with an exclusive art print. Those who pre-order Oni Akuma will get two art prints with their order of the statue. The statue is set to release in Q3 2015 and there will only be 300 pieces worldwide, so if you want one make sure to order today.

By ordering today and paying the full price up front as opposed to the three-month plan, you will get 10 percent discount off its full price of $378. You can check out the pictures below to see the full details of the statue.

Make sure to order your Oni Akuma statue to go along with your Evil Ryu piece before they both sell out as there will only be 300 made of each and then they're gone forever (and sold for ridiculous prices from third-party retailers).

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