This captivating Evil Ryu statue by Kinetiquettes is based on the character's badass DLC outfit from Ultra Street Fighter IV.

While Kinetiquettes' Evil Ryu statue may not be based on his default look in the game, no one can call the statue anything other than absolutely badass. It took us a minute to realize this long-haired version of Ryu is from SFIV's downloadable content. In the diorama, Ryu is performing his Ultra move, the Metsu Hadouken. His facial expression really says it all — he's out for blood. Plus, his hair is blowing in the wind in such a photogenic way, how could you not throw your money at the statue?

There are simply so many awesome things that we love about this statue. He's straight up tearing apart the rooftop he's standing on from the force of his Metsu Hadouken. The statue will be approximately 34 cm x 28 cm x 31 cm and it looks as though it has the opportunity to be LED lit, although there's no indication on the site that it will be. We've got our fingers crossed.

This statue will run you $350 and you need to put $120 down if you want to pre-order and reserve the Evil Ryu statue. Make sure you don't miss out since there will only be 300 of these awesome pieces sold worldwide. Plus, if you do decide to pre-order, you will get an additional art print by the artists who made the statue.

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