Here's some bonkers news from the hacking community: sound files found in the annals of the recent Super Smash Bros update 1.06 have uncovered clues to some upcoming fighters not yet announced to public, and one of them is the world warrior himself, Ryu, of Street Fighter fame..

Two particular sound files found and revealed by Redditor shinyquagsire23 have led the community to believe that Ryu himself might be Shoryuken-ing his way into the newest Smash Bros title. After some digging, Mr. ShinyQuagsire found both Ryu's stage theme (still in its original retro form) and his victory screen jingle (interestingly listed as a "victory theme") in the files, and that's all the Smash world needed to start hypothesizing.

He's not the only unknown fighter teased in these files, however: another sound file marked as a victory theme for "Roy" is the Fire Emblem victory theme for Marth and the crew, leading many to speculate that Roy from Fire Emblem and Super Smash Bros Melee will also be making his triumphant return to Smash. A victory theme marked "Lucas" was also found, but we knew about him already.

Ryu would be an insane addition to the roster for multiple reasons. First, he'd make Capcom the first third-party company in Smash history to add two characters to the playable roster. Second, he'd be the first ever Smash Bros fighter pulled from an actual fighting game, and third, it's freakin' Ryu, what else do you need?!

Obviously this is all just rumor and speculation for now, but we'll have more on this story should it develop.

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