Ryu and the Street Fighter II gang made it look easy when they were destroying cars with their fists and bare feet.

We remember playing Street Fighter II (and Street Fighter IV) and thinking to ourselves, "it must hurt to try and destroy a car with just karate moves." Thanks to Kotaku, we have found some instances where psychotic individuals have tried to do just that, by taking on a beat up hoopty with just their hands and feet. As you would imagine, it's a lot harder than Ryu and Ken made it out to be. Kotaku actually found a collection of different videos where people have tried to do this while wearing Street Fighter outfits (our favorites are the Japanese game show and the Mega64 video). A lot of times, the people resorted to abandoning the fighting game's kicks and punches and tried to wreck the cars by jumping on them, hulking out and simply pulling pieces apart.

Unfortunately, no one really came close to how the car would look in Street Fighter after clearing the bonus stage.

Here are some of our other favorite bonus stages:

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