SimCity Finally Getting Offline Mode, Modding, Too
After almost an entire year of declaring online was crucial to SimCity's infrastructure, and that an offline mode would never be possible, EA and Maxis finally announced offline mode would be coming to the beleaguered game for free in the next update. What a mess.
First SimCity Patch Coming April 22nd
SimCity’s first major update will be dropping on April 22nd, officially upgrading the loved and hated city-simulation to version 2.0. The patch is set to address several things including traffic, tourism, game invitations, and more. It will also introduce a couple new features into t…
SimCity Runs Like a Cheetah, a Mac Using Cheetah
One of the biggest complaints about SimCity, outside of its numerous server issues, is the fact that you aren’t able to control the speed of the simulation. This feature, one of the key features of SimCity since the franchise first debuted, was one of the “non-critical” features that was disabled in…

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