One of the biggest complaints about SimCity, outside of its numerous server issues, is the fact that you aren’t able to control the speed of the simulation. This feature, one of the key features of SimCity since the franchise first debuted, was one of the “non-critical” features that was disabled in order to handle the SimCity server load. Now, finally, the feature is coming back, allowing Sim fans with limited time to run their cities at Cheetah speed.

In addition to the recently released Cheetah update, news has come down the wire via Joystiq about an upcoming Mac release of the popular but controversial city sim. Mac users will be able to get their hands on the game on June 11th, hopefully with server issues all hammered out. Anyone who owns the PC version will automatically have access to the Mac version as well. No need to update twice, and cross-platform play will be available at launch.

Finally, Maxis is hard at work on a SimCity “Update 2.0.” As of now, Maxis is not ready to talk about the update, but supposedly it will fix several problems and integrate many new features that fans have been asking for. Perhaps it will finally let users play the game offline.