Deadpool Review
Superhero titles are an extremely hit-or-miss area of gaming, with most comic titles performing in the mediocre-or-below range of quality. High Moon Studios, known for the recent Transformers: Cybertron game series, attempt to change things. High Moon has not only created a comic title, but a comic …
Marvel vs. DC: Which Comic Company Has the Best Games?
Marvel games. DC games. Pitting the two comic companies against each other is such a natural progression that we're kicking ourselves for not having done it already. We've seen these characters face off in the comic world, so let's check out what happens when we pit their games agains…
Deadpool Slashes A Path For A June Release
Deadpool, beloved by Marvel fans for his sarcastic and often cavalier attitude, makes his way to PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 on June 25th. Gamers who pre-order on Amazon or through GameStop will get a few bonuses with their purchase.

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