Real Racing 3 Spotted on EA Game Center Profile


It looks like Real Racing 3 might be headed to the finish line a little bit faster than we thought. Thanks to the watchful eye of those good blokes over at Pocket Gamer, it appears as though Real Racing 3 is already on the Game Center Profile of someone who works at Electronic Arts.

Earlier today, Pocket Gamer spotted a reference to Real Racing 3 on the Game Center profile of Ben Clarke, a gentleman who works in EA marketing. His profile detailed several elements of the game, such as details like the number of achievements available (65 total), and details about what you'll have to accomplish to get those achievements.

For example, to get the Extreme Paintover achievement, you must, "apply 100 paint jobs" and to get the Obsessor achievement, you will have to own 40 cars. That's a lot of racing vehicles! But to car fanatics out there, it's pure ambrosia.

There's still no official release date for Real Racing 3, but it looks like the Firemonkey guys have already said on Twitter that they will be launching by the end of the month:


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