Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 Review
Real Racing 3 should just marry my iPad, since it's the only game my device will see for the next several weeks. The title has been receiving its share of knocks from reviewers who are maddeningly frustrated due to its freemium model. Hours into Real Racing 3, and the game has yet to cost me a …
How Much Does This Real Racing 3 Supercar Cost?
In the real world, the Koenigsegg Agera R (which sounds like a space alien and looks like a car version of the Portal gun), is a vehicle that costs over $2 million dollars. But in the world of Real Racing 3, you can have it for much, much less. But there's a catch. Click through to see how…
Real Racing 3 Will Be Released This February
Gentlemen, start your engines! It's confirmed that Real Racing 3 will be hitting the App Store, Google Play and Amazon later this month on February 28th. So whatever your mobile device of choice might be, Firemonkeys has got you covered.
Real Racing 3 Spotted on EA Game Center Profile
It looks like Real Racing 3 might be headed to the finish line a little bit faster than we thought. Thanks to the watchful eye of those good blokes over at Pocket Gamer, it appears as though Real Racing 3 is already on the Game Center Profile of someone who works at Electronic Arts.
Firemonkeys Releases New Real Racing 3 Developer Diary Video
Real Racing 3 has been on our speedometer for awhile now. Back in September, we really enjoyed getting into their developer diary videos, but we were't too psyched about the news last month that the game would be delayed until February. But the Firemonkeys boys are back with a new entry!
Real Racing 3 Delayed Until February 2013
According to a recent post over at Pocket Gamer, Electronic Arts has issued a statement that their hotly anticipated driving game Real Racing 3 will miss the holiday launch window. As of now, it seems that it won't even be a photo finish, as Real Racing 3 is currently scheduled to start burning…

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