The unforgettable, first-person experience of Rapture is being recreated on the iOS format. Would you kindly turn off those gyroscopic controls?

2K has announced that BioShock will be coming to iOS devices later this summer. This marks the lore-filled and immersive first-person shooter's debut on a portable format. BioShock will hit the iOS market as a premium priced game, offering optimized touch controls and full Made for iPhone (MFi) game controller support. You get to explore Andrew Ryan's broken utopia, shoot yourself up with chromosome-changing powers and fight some Big Daddies all from your mobile device.

BioShock will be coming soon to the App Store for iPad and iPhone. Unfortunately, no type of Android format release was mentioned by 2K. Since 2K mentioned it would be out later this summer, this would mean that BioShock would launch sometime in the next month and a half.