A former California senator who opposed violent games just plead guilty to a charge of racketeering related to public corruption and gun trafficking — oh the irony.

Destructoid reports that former California senator Leeland Yee has plead guilty to one count of racketeering in a massive case where he's also facing charges of gun trafficking and public corruption. Yee, a known gun control advocate (this makes this even funnier), was known for his crusades against violent games and the ESRB ratings system. In 2005, he helped the California Assembly Bills 1972 and 1793 get passed, which criminalized the sale of video games rated M for Mature to anyone under 18 and requiring retailers to separate Mature games from the other titles on store shelves. Yee's bills were passed due to the support of concerned parent groups and the media's focus on the speculative link between game violence and real world violence at the time. After the Entertainment Software Association filed a lawsuit, the bills were deemed unconstitutional.

Yee was arrested by the FBI last year, being heavily involved in a case where he supposedly bought automatic firearms and missile launchers from the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, an extremist terrorist group in the southern Philippines, and tried to resell them to a buyer who turned out to be an undercover FBI agent. You would think that someone so involved in shelving violent games would know about low trade-in values. He also accepted a $10,000 bribe from another undercover agent.

This just proves the hypocrisy of some of these politicians out there. These guys grab hold of controversies and agendas just to use them as ladders to get the support of people who only identify with the viewpoints they push. He was opposing video games, mentioning that magical link between video game violence and real world violence, and what does he do a few years later? Buy a bunch of heavy duty firearms and missile launchers from a major terrorist organization and tries to resell them to make a lot of money. Mind you, this is a senator who was a known advocate of gun control. For a guy who's so worried about corrupting the youth and preventing someone from grabbing a gun and going GTA, he doesn't mind selling the same stuff in bulk.

Yee is going to be sentenced on Oct. 21, and could face up to 20 years in prison. Someone should send him a copy of The Escapists while he's there.