Those pint sized invertebrates with a penchant for explosives are back again and are heading for the UK this May on the Xbox 360. Let's hope those little buggers don't get into too much trouble.

The Worms games were always full of personality and added a certain flair to the turn based action format. Two of the classic games, Worms Revolution and Worms Armageddon, are being released in the UK on May 3rd under the title of Worms Revolution Collection. The set also features all 3 downloadable content packs as well. Priced at £24.99, it is a bit of a steal if you're in need of a great game to play with friends.

Now, since Worms Revolution Collection is going to be released in the UK, it may mean that it will cross the pond and take our shores by storm. We'll let you know as soon as we hear of a North American release. For now, just enjoy the trailer.