If you really got into 'Prison Break,' Team 17 and Mouldy Toof have a great game to add to your Steam wishlist or Xbox One -- The Escapists.

The Escapists seems to be a game that's all about escaping from prison. This Team 17 title is a strategy/sandbox adventure that will allow players to execute "daring schemes" to achieve an escape that would make Andy Dufresne proud. You will have to figure out a way to get around not only the guards that seem to be constantly keeping an eye on you, but also your own strict prison schedule in order to escape. You'll be able to craft weapons and tools, but if you get caught with one during a cell inspection, you're basically done for. The game will have six different prisons to escape from, six different methods of escape, ten different prison jobs as well as a crafting system that features 50+ items to craft and 200 items to find.

“The Escapists is a hilarious and truly captivating game that I personally backed on Kickstarter and have followed from the start," said Team 17's Managing Director, Debbie Bestwick. "The work gone in from Mouldy Toof and Team17 on co-developing The Escapists is a great example of how our Indie Partnership Publishing Program works. As a game close to my heart, I absolutely cannot wait for the release and to hear tales of fans’ break out attempts!”

You can look forward to all the Shawshank-style shenanigans come Feb. 13, when The Escapists break out for Xbox One and PC.