Mike Bithell, developer of Thomas Was Alone, showcased his new project, Volume, on PlayStation's YouTube channel.

Volume is going to be a stealth game where there will be no killing of the enemies who are out to find you. This means that the enemy can't be knocked out permanently. Instead, you have to rely on your stealth (surprise!) skills to get you through each level.

The main character in Volume, Rob, is a Robin Hood spin-off. Bithell is taking the idea behind Robin Hood (when Robin realizes that he's on the wrong side of the tracks and he starts doing good instead) and implementing it into the game. Rob is a YouTuber who finds a training simulator which is being used by all the wrong people. Rob decides to turn things around on them and uses it to film himself as he robs from society's rich and elite. The game takes place over three hours after which he is captured for using the software.

Bithell seems to be very enthusiastic about the game and even takes full responsibility for it, displaying the same type of mentality Rob had in the game:

"If the game's not good, it's my fault" Bithell said as the video showed the game's title screen. "This is the right solution, yes?"

You can expect Volume out sometime in 2015.