Mike Bithell is creating the only stealth game where you actually want to be heard, and the latest trailer shows off the enemies you'll encounter along the way.

Almost two months ago, Mike Bithell took to the PlayStation Blog to showcase his new game, Volume. Now, he's back with another video to show just how the game will be played. The trailer shows six different kinds of enemies -- pawns, turrets, knights, rogues, hounds and archers. Each will have a different line of sight and require a different level of stealth to get through the levels.

The pawns have a cone of vision and can move around while the turrets have a cone of vision that can only pan from left to right. The knight and hound seem to see what's directly in front of them and the hound can alert others to the player's position. The rogue seems to have the biggest line of sight being that it is a circle around them that is only broken by walls. The archers have a cone of sight as well, but their cone is much longer than that of the pawn or turret and they can roam freely. You can check out exactly how they appear in the video above.

There's still no set release date for the game except that we know it will be sometime in 2015.