Mike Bithell, the developer behind Thomas Was Alone, has announced a release date for his upcoming stealth game, Volume.

Bithell's Volume is all about stealth, but focusing on not being heard as opposed to not being seen. Developer Mike Bithell has posted a new trailer for Volume and it's looking mighty impressive. He has finally given us an official release date to boot. This game is meant to be a futuristic retelling of the Robin Hood mythos in video game form and will feature the voice of Andy Serkis, who you might remember as Gollum from The Lord of the Rings series and other famous motion capture roles. Also featured in beginning of the trailer is YouTube personality charlieissocoollike, Charlie McDonnell.

As stated previously, Volume is about stealth and more so about not making any noise. This is evident by McDonnell's character running around the map and not alarming enemies despite being right next to them. Many actions you can do produce an audible effect in the world, such as opening doors or running, so you have to make sure you're clear when you do anything other than prowling. We thoroughly enjoyed Thomas Was Alone, and we can't wait to see what Bithell is able to achieve with access to more resources this time around. We're loving this drastic change in visual style compared to Mike Bithell's previous game. Everything has a Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions-feel to it, and that's certainly not a bad thing.

Volume will launch on Aug. 18 for PlayStation 4, PS Vita and PC (via Steam).