Fans of Thomas Was Alone will be happy to know that creator Mike Bithell's next game, a stealth title called Volume, is almost ready for launch. They'll also be happy to know that Volume now has a level editor mode which will let players build their own Volume challenges for others to enjoy.

A post on the PlayStation Blog details the brand new mode via a brief explanation by Bithell himself and a six-minute video of the mode in action. The level editor will include every obstacle and resource found in the full game, so nothing that's encountered while playing through the story will be left out of the level builder's imagination.

The brief video tutorial is particularly interesting, as the level editor seems to be easy to use and perfect for the creative types out there. Bithell builds a full level rather quickly, tests it immediately, then loads up a level he had a bit more time to create. The two levels are impressive, making this a perfect choice for those who like creating their own content.

We did not expect such a robust level editor mode from Volume, but now that it's here we can't think of anything else. We're sure that Volume will have a gripping tale that we'll just eat right up, but we are also sure that many an hour could be lost building and perfecting the dream Volume stage.

We'll know for certain how many hours will be lost when Volume launches for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita late in the summer.