Mike Bithell put himself on the indie development map with Thomas Was Alone, a platform game that gave more personality to its little squares than some games can do with fully fleshed out human characters. Bithell isn't resting on his laurels however, and he appeared at Sony's Gamescom 2014 press conference to show off his new game called Volume.

Volume is a game that Bithell says he's been developing "since he played Metal Gear Solid 2 on the PlayStation 2." It's a game that centers all around stealth and staying hidden from view, lest the big bad characters on the screen kill you. Sound plays a big part in the game, as every little misstep could trigger a sound that will lead the enemies right to you. We've played stealth games before, but the incorporation of sound could really make an improvement on stealth gameplay. Sure Solid Snake could knock on a wal triggering a "what was that noise?" response, but here every little movement is crucial.

As you see in the trailer, the main character can send a copy of himself to distract enemies while he slips into a door unnoticed. We wonder what other tricks this stealthy shadow man has up his sleeve, and with Mike Bithell at the helm we expect yet another excellent indie experience.