A new trailer for Sony's upcoming racer DriveClub debuted at its Gamescom 2014 press conference, and there's as many speeding cars and peeling tires as one would expect.

This trailer highlights the Club Challenge features of the game, showing that Challenges from other clubs can pop up at any time and for any reason. There seem to be points challenges and time challenges, making two different ways you can try to best your friends on the track. A picture of the friend who's challenging you will show up as well, letting you know exactly who it is that deserves your attention next.

Other than the Challenge pop-ups, the game looks like standard driving fare no different from Forza Horizon 2 that we saw earlier today or the long-running PlayStation racing franchise Gran Turismo. DriveClub is going to need more than on-the-fly challenging of friends in other to best those two names, but we think we've haven't seen everything DriveClub has to offer yet, so it's best to wait and see.

We will see the full DriveClub experience when it launches for PlayStation 4 on Oct. 7, with a free version coming to PlayStation Plus members on the same day.