Back in 2012, Sony debuted a cheesy teen slasher game called Until Dawn that was supposed to utilize the PlayStation Move. Now that the PlayStation 4 is out and the PlayStation Move is all but forgotten, SuperMassive Games has completely rebuilt the game from scratch and brought it to PS4, as announced at Sony's Gamescome 2014 press conference earlier today.

Until Dawn still follows the same story as before, with eight people meeting in a spooky house in the middle of a snowy mountain, only to have a deranged killer try to hunt them down one by one. We're told that choice plays a big part in Until Dawn, and that everyone could survive or everyone could die solely based on what we the players decide.

We're not going to lie: Until Dawn looks like it was ripped out of every cheesy teen horror movie that's ever been released, from 'Scream' to 'Wrong Turn'. However, being able to actually control the movie this time might make things better. Instead of yelling, "Don't go in that door!" we'll be able to avoid that door. There's probably a deadly trap down the hall, but hey we didn't go in that door.

Until Dawn doesn't have a launch date yet, but it will be coming exclusively to PlayStation 4 in the future.

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