In a stream last night, the team at Iron Galacy Studios revealed Uncle Sensei, the latest addition to the Divekick roster. Uncle Sensei teaches the art of divekicking out of the New Angel Dojo in Bel-Air, which he also lives in … but may not actually own. Having perfected the art of the divekick so completely, he is one of the few people in the world who can divekick not only with his feet, but with his hands as well. Hence, you will never see Uncle Sensei without some sort of footwear on his hands.

Uncle Sensei is a stance character, with two styles of jump and two styles of kick. While standing on his feet, Uncle Sensei jumps and attacks with a horizontal Superman dive. He will then land on his hands at which point he will flip around and attack with a steep vertical dive. His ground technique allows him to super jump, much higher than any character in the game. This allows him to stay in the air for an extremely long time to make use of his air-technique, stance switch. While in the air, Uncle Sensei can change from the horizontal dive to the vertical dive at whim by spending kick meter. This allows him to zig-zag in at his opponent at difficult to avoid arcs.

When asked if the Divekick team would be including even more characters in the game, their response was, “Yes, more than this.” though they would not commit to a final roster number. Be sure to check out the official Iron Galaxy Twitch.TV channel for more Divekick streams and reveals and be sure to vote for the game over at Steam Greenlight.

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