Weapons are a staple in virtually every video game: Marcus Fenix has his Lancer, Cloud has his Buster Sword, and even Mario has his Fire Flowers. But not all armaments are created equal, dear reader. While some are nicely balanced, with enough heft to make them worthwhile, but enough drawbacks to make you happy to get an upgrade, there are certain tools of destruction that went wonky during their creation process. Maybe they were built from the ground up to be the baddest boom-booms this side of Gurgu Volcano, or maybe the insidiously clever playerbase found a way to exploit them. The point is that there are some video game weapons that outshine, outslice, and outexplode the competition. Some call them overpowered. Others just call them awesome. No matter which moniker you give them, you would do well to read through this list of the 10 Most Overpowered Video Game Weapons. (And no, the Golden Gun doesn't appear in this list since you have to use cheats to acquire it.)

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    Halo: Combat Evolved

    That's how this list begins -- not with a bang, but with a pew pew. Though it may strike you odd that we've included Halo's most basic sidearm on this list, if you've ever played the original Halo for any length of time you probably know why. The pistol's high accuracy, admirable damage, and attached scope make it one deadly package. Why bother hunting for a sniper rifle when in the hands of even a moderately skill player, you come equipped with one every time you spawn? With this thing in your hand you're like Revolver Ocelot and Dead-Eye Duck combined.

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    Blue Shell

    Mario Kart Series

    "Blue shells are so cheap!" cries one bewildered gamer as a cerulean shell strikes him nano-seconds before he crosses the finish line. The original blue shells simply smacked into you like a ten-ton toddler with a grudge to settle. Later shells locked on and then exploded like mini-nukes. Many first-place players would, upon hearing the blue shells signature warning whistle, slam the brakes and fall back to second so that it would detonate its deadly payload on another player. Blue shells may be infuriating, but power weapons like these are what helps keep the Mario Kart series fun even when played in groups composed of noobs and veterans alike.

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    Gloom Shroom

    Plants vs. Zombies

    The gloom shroom's range may be limited, but when it comes to slaying the zombie hordes en masse, there's no plant greater. It rapidly fires multiple puffs of defense-piercing fumes, reducing even the most armored of undead to dust in a matter of seconds. It also fires in every direction, meaning that even the obnoxious tunneling zombies can't pop up behind it and chow down without tasting those sweet, sweet fumes. Much of high-level PvZ play is based around maximizing the gloom shroom's effectiveness. If you hope to make it very far in endless survival mode your best bet is to build a lawn with lots of flowers, cob cannons, spikerocks, pumpkins, and, of course, the highly overpowered gloom shroom.

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    Castlevania: Symphony of the Knight

    It may have a goofy name, but there's nothing goofy  about the kind of completely overpowered mischief you can have with the Crissaegrim. Like most Metroidvania games, Symphony of the Night's combat is up close and personal. Hero Alucard has a variety of axes, swords, and maces to choose from, but most pale in comparison to the Crissaegrim. Each swing of the Crissaegrim was actually four attacks, can be used while walking, and you can equip two of them. Put these factors together and you can basically transform Alucard into a white-haired lawnmower. Even the game's mightiest bosses turn to dust against the never-ending onslaught of the Crissaegrim.

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    Auto Shotgun

    Left 4 Dead

    Fast firing speed, great damage, high penetration, and it knows how to cook one hell of a bowl of chili. L4D's auto shotgun is the most effective weapon against virtually every foe in the game. Tanks get tanked against it, witches end up with stitches, zombie hordes become zombie s'mores. Sure, some prefer machine guns/rifles when dealing with hunters, boomers, and smokers from a distance, but when it comes to 99% of the situations you'll be in, the auto shotgun is your best bet. Hell, Left 4 Dead 2 introduces the Combat Shotgun, which is a (theoretically), more powerful shotgun, but statistically it still pales in comparison to its forefather.

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    Cerebral Bore

    Turok 2

    When it comes to weapons in first-person shooters, there are a few staples. You've got pistols, machine guns, shotguns, sniper rifles and explosives. Turok 2 decided to think outside of the box and, in doing so, created one of the most powerful and hilariously disgusting weapons in gaming history. It fires a small homing drone that chases down your foe, burrows into its head and explodes its brain. So, not only is using it efficient, it's tremendously satisfying.

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    BFG 9000

    Doom series & Quake series

    Known as the Bio Force Gun in the god-awful Doom movie (and as something less polite in most games), the original BFG 9000 was a screen-clearing nuclear armament. Most games might settle for giving you a rocket launcher or RPG, but Doom scoffed at such paltry equipment. The BFG9000 is the power weapon that other power weapons look up to in fear and reverence. Plus, its shots were bright green, giving your screen a nice minty flash every time you nuked a room full of demons back to hell.

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    Knights of the Round Materia

    Final Fantasy VII

    Yes, it is a humongous ordeal to get this materia. You have to spend a lot of time breeding chocobos, racing them, and grinding like crazy, but once you've unlocked this bad boy for use, you're set. Every summon spell comes with a unique name for its attack, like Shiva's Diamond Dust, and Knights of the Round's attack is called Ultimate End, a fitting name for a move so mind-blowingly powerful. Throughout the course of the lengthy summon animation thirteen knights appear, roughly corresponding to King Arthur's Knights of the Round Table, and obliterate your foes with spells and attacks that hit all of them for close to maximum damage each hit. The summon is so powerful that there are literally only a handful of foes that can survive a single casting.

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    Metal Blades

    Mega Man 2

    The Mega Man series is famous for the paper/rock/scissors/kitten/dynamite balance of bosses and their respective weapons. Beat a boss, gain his weapon, find the boss who is weak against it, defeat him with it, and repeat. Every game has a boss gauntlet towards the end so that you can put your fully-equipped Mega Man to good use. However, if you're playing Mega Man 2, there's only one weapon you'll need to beat pretty much any boss in the game: the metal blades. They fire in every direction, cost almost nothing to use, have high damage, and almost every boss is weak against them. Even Metal Man himself is weak against the metal blades, and they're his own weapon!

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    Farsight xr-20

    Perfect Dark

    I'm not sure who the nutcase was over at Rare who decided to program in a gun that can instantly kill anyone it hits, fire through walls, and automatically track all nearby opponents, but thank you. This extraordinary gun is overpowered as all get out, but using it makes for a deliciously sweet time. The Farsight xr-20 is best used against Perfect Dark's AI multiplayer foes because real players will probably get fed up with your cheap-shot shenanigans and unplug your controller/punch you.

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