Don't go into the long grass, Riptor is officially coming back to Killer Instinct.

Iron Galaxy Studios has released a preview of its 2.2 update, which is going to bring a lot of changes to Killer instinct, as well as the reintroduction of Riptor to its roster, Polygon reports. While TJ Combo got rid of his cybernetic implants, Riptor has decided to get her own (yes, she's female). There will be an official trailer and gameplay videos starring this technological theropod coming out next week, but for now, we get to take a look at what's coming to the game next month.

According to Iron Galaxy, here's what's coming with update 2.2:

  • Riptor & Riptor’s stage “Hatchery 09”
  • Story mode!
  • Dossiers for all S1 characters (on character select screen)
  • Balance changes and fixes (2.2 changelist found here!)
  • Increased character & stage loading speed!
  • New character select screen icons & silhouettes!

Also, owners of the game's Ultra Edition will be getting free holiday accessories for Killer Instinct's roster. Just make sure you log into the game before December is gone to unlock them, otherwise they'll be gone for good.

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