Rare footage of Double Helix Games' early build of Killer Instinct for Xbox 360 shows what the fighting remake looked like before going next-gen.

Shoryuken reports that the provided behind the scenes video (found at GameTrailers) showed the origins of the Killer Instinct reboot for Xbox One on the system that preceded it. The footage of the Xbox 360 prototype of Killer Instinct starts around 3:42 in the video. As you can see, this early alpha footage had an excellent frame rate and many of the same mechanics used in the final version of the game on Xbox One. Jago looks a lot smaller, which is more akin to what we were expecting him to be like instead of the roided out ninja we saw on Xbox One. The particle effects from each hit and fireball are telltale signs that we're looking at an early build of the game. The same goes for the strange, blank-slate version of Thunder, who Jago is seen fighting.

We're glad Killer Instinct didn't go for a simultaneous release on both the Xbox 360 and Xbox One -- it works perfectly as one of only fighters that defiantly stands alone on a next-gen system.

The steroid-less version of Jago is probably really good at karate.

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