The newest character joining Killer Instinct is also its biggest—Aganos, the War Golem, is here, and its ready to crush the nonbelievers 'neath its mighty heel.

Killer Instinct's pretty light on the story, even for a fighting game, but we do get a glimpse into some character history in this trailer. Kan-Ra, the toothy, soul-sucking mummy, crossed Aganos countless centuries ago, and the lumbering lump of rock has been slowly hunting him ever since. Who knows whether anything will come of this plot thread, but at the very least, it gives Aganos a decent enough motivation to show up in Killer Instinct and rock 'n rolling the faces of anyone in his way.

As a War Golem, Aganos is a huge, slow character reminiscent of Marvel vs. Capcom 2's Juggernaut, with a huge range and hard-hitting blows. Aganos can control the battlefield, raining projectile attacks down on its opponent and even creating its own walls for mid-stage corner trap combos. Aganos' huge body and long limbs should make for an interesting addition to an already nicely-diverse roster.

Of course, it wouldn't be a Killer Instinct reveal trailer if there wasn't a teaser for another upcoming character. This time we got a look at the unnamed ghost woman; she has long, black hair, possibly Japanese ancestry, and a spooky, flickering thing going on, all of which add together to make her seem like The Ring's Samara all grown up.

Aganos arrives Feb. 27 for Killer Instinct: Ultra Edition owners, while the rest of us plebian Combo Breaker Edition owners will have to wait until March 5.