IGN reports that Iron Galaxy recently streamed gameplay of Omen in action (provided below). Omen's face looks to be wearing a Japanese demon mask while his body is made of a translucent blue and black smoke.

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The Herald of Gargos, Omen, marks yet another character making his debut in Season 2 of Killer Instinct.

Iron Galaxy Studios has announced on Killer Instinct's official forums that Omen will be the fifth character added into Season 2 and will be a bonus, meaning he won't count as one of the eight characters being added into the game. The trade-off to Omen being a bonus character is that he's only going to be downloadable for those who own the Ultra Edition or the Combo Breaker Pack of Season 2 -- he won't be available for individual download.

Those unsure of what to expect of Omen should know that he plays like a mix of Jago and Shadow Jago. He's got more zoning options due to his slide, aerials and focus on projectiles. Since he's a bonus character, he won't be getting much of his own story unlike newcomers like Kan-Ra and returning fighters such as Riptor and TJ Combo.

While no release date has been set for Omen's addition to Killer Instinct's roster, we can expect a gameplay trailer soon.

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