This latest character trailer for Killer Instinct Season 2 reveals the ghastly Hisako and the teases the fiery return of Cinder.

With a flowing kimono, menacing naginata and a stare that cuts right through you, Killer Instinct's newest fighter, Hisako, looks like a force to be reckoned with, and this new trailer not only highlights her supernaturally-charged combat prowess, but teases the next fighter to join this burgeoning roster. Hisako's got a bit of Ghost Rider to her; this spirit hungers for some vengeance for the family (and life) she lost at the hand of wandering soldiers. Who did these soldiers work for? It's anyone's guess, but given Killer Instinct's storylines, you'd be silly not to guess Ultratech since they're apparently responsible for every bad thing in the world, ranging from Chemical Warfare to Justin Bieber.

Storyline aside, Hisako fights like a woman possessed. With her long-range spear, quick-and-dirty teleport moves and punishing Wraith meter, she's got a nice-sized arsenal at her disposal. As is expected for these Killer Instinct reveal trailers, after giving us a good look at what this new character can do, we get a tiny teaser for the next fighter to join the roster; this time, it's everyone's favorite blazing brawler, Cinder. Cinder looks a bit more alien than his original Killer Instinct (SNES) version; perhaps his story's been rejigged to give him an otherworldly origin in line with that of his rival, Glacius.

Hisako is out now for owners of Killer Instinct: Ultra Edition, and launches on April 2 for everyone else.